About Tam Perfumes

Tam Perfumes is the first perfume manufacturer
in the Abu Dhabi .UAE We operate five modern manufacturing
facilities spread across producing more than 3.5 million perfumes annually.”

Tam First Perfume House

Tam Perfume Factory has 12 years of experience working in the field of perfumes and its manufacture, as well as aromatic formulations, since it was established in 2009.

Our expertise and passion, our knowledge of legendary Arabian perfumery,
oriental craftsmanship and contemporary elegance, all come together to create
fragrances that capture your imagination and celebrate your true essence.

Hamad AL Shiekh

A promise that applies to all of the materials we use and the processes they undergo. We are fully committed to using the finest ingredients from around the world, working hand in hand with nature. We are aware of our responsibilities, conscious of sustainability and ensure our formulations are vegan.