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Tam Perfumes has grown tremendously since 2007 and our success has been driven by our eagerness to bring quality products to our clients through the world-class plans and innovative services that only we provide.
Tam Perfumes operations continue to succeed in meeting, in fact often exceeding, our clients expectations across our portfolio of offerings, fulfilling the expectations of our clients.

Hamad Al Shaikh

Welcome to Tam Perfumes

Everybody knows that a perfume expresses the personality, character, emotions and overall image of a person, as well as creating a sense of charm and seduction.

That’s why choosing the perfume which best represents us is not an easy task, and often takes time.

What sets us apart and lends us a label of nonpareil in the world of scents and perfumes internationally, that we also produce and manufacture a unique luxury Private Label Perfumes & Bokhor.

Customer satisfaction is always our priority, since 2007 our factory kept providing a perfumes which gain the satisfaction of the chosen uniqueness from both western and eastern.


Is ensuring that your orders are processed quickly and delivered when you need them. We understand the importance of efficient distribution which is why we have developed a fast and dependable delivery system.


Is to sell our customers products that will sell quickly and profitably, helping your business grow as rapidly as possibly in this sector. We have continual supply of product which enables a company to buy these products all year round when you need them.

One of our key strengths is our reliability and thanks to our fully stocked warehouse you can plan your product ranges in complete confidence that your customers will never have to shop elsewhere.


At Tam Perfumes we have identified three core values which reflect both the vision and mission. These values are also reflected in the policies.

Leadership: Lead by example
Quality: Get it right the first time
Teamwork: The foundation for success

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